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GENRE: Action adventure

LOG LINE: Doctor Gary Brennan operates Los Tristos first legal brothel to protect the girls from pimps and serial killers. With the prostitutes off the streets, the serial killers turn to college girls. Dr. Brennan, in drag, stalks and kills the serial killers.


Synopsis of A Screenplay by Dr. Don E. Miller

Mayor Fuller becomes concerned about the large number of prostitutes being murdered in the California city of Los Tristos by several different serial killers. He asks the advice of Dr. Gary Brennan, who had proposed, and later directed, an incredibly successful drug rehabilitation program. Doc tells the shocked mayor that the only way to truly protect these women is to legalize prostitution.

Doc points out that in several European countries, parts of Nevada and Tijuana, Mexico, prostitution is legal. There, the girls are inspected, must be drug free, disease free, are protected from abuse and they pay taxes. Most prostitutes in America are drug addicts, they get murdered or die of diseases in droves; they spread AIDS and 50 other STDs (sexually transmitted diseases).

The Mayor himself is only reluctantly convinced. However, he talks the City Council of Los Tristos into trying the legalization experiment. The town is near bankruptcy, and eyes the potential millions in the taxing and licensing of prostitutes as a possible bail out.

Doc Brennan is coerced by the Mayor into running the first legal whorehouse in Los Tristos. Girls apply, are inspected, tested weekly for disease and twice weekly for drug use. They are enrolled in career training programs so they can eventually move on to other professions. For exotic tastes (costing a bit more) is the South Seas room. There, girls in grass skirts do a dance before doing the deed in a grass hut. In the master control room, technicians monitor the sexual action in all the rooms on a huge bank of video monitors so any time the girls are in danger, security can quickly come to their rescue.

Some prostitutes keep working the streets since they won't work for Doc because they refuse to give up their drug addictions. The serial killers prey on this last vestige of unprotected girls. Doc isn't worried just about his girls, but also about the rejects. He is a martial artist, and takes the risk of going on the streets in drag, pretending to be a street whore. Over time, several serial killers pick Doc up and attempt to murder him. The most depraved of them are the "Treasure Hunt Killers" who cut up bodies and leave clues as to where they left the pieces for law enforcement to retrieve. They target Doc (thinking he is a prostitute) for dismemberment when they realize he is hunting serial killers. Doc finally leaves all the serial killers dead. But his sidekick, Ernie, is killed, causing Doc to go into a serious, withdrawn depression. Fearing he will commit suicide, the girls invade his room and keep teasing and massaging him until he comes back to life. Charmaine, one of the prostitutes, who has been in love with Doc all along, seduces him, which is the final step to returning Doc to reality.

The serial killings stop. The city is bailed out of debt. The murder rate drops drastically. Some whores begin graduating to other professions. The STD/AIDS rate plummets. Drug sales are down. But the pimps and drug dealers who were put out of business by Doc's programs invade the whorehouse in a final fight scene. Doc rallies, kills three of the intruders with the help of dead Ernie's voice which guides him. But then, when he calls out to Ernie for more directions and there is no answer, Doc regresses. He is just about to be killed by the last pimp when Charmaine shoots the pimp dead.

In the last scene, the girls watch the Mayor on TV as he announces the results of a special referendum to decide whether the legalized whorehouse will be continued or not. He is handed an envelope and opens it and announces, "You have voted to...." The Mayor does not finish the sentence and credits immediately appear on the screen.

There is an 11 minute trailer/short video of "Street Girls" on Youtube.  Click on link below to see video.
"Are you lonely tonight?"  Each of the girls working in Doc Brennan's legalized brothel makes their own video.  Clients view these seductive speeches to pick out the girl they want.  Would you believe that this movie script was born out of a frustration with the incredible abuse suffered by U.S. sex workers?  Pimps purposely addict women to drugs, enslaving them in their prostitution rings.  In addition, thousands of young girls from Mexico, Asia and other countries are imported yearly to the U.S. each year and forced to work in brothels under horrible circumstances.  This movie points out how legalization would protect the girls, make imported girls unprofitable and unnecessary, and bring in huge sums in taxes.  Prostitution is legal in much of Nevada where the girls are inspected, they are disease free and drug free and the state has huge revenues in taxes from the legalized brothels.  Rachel Lloyd has written a book, “Girls Like Us,” that tells her own story of enslavement by pimps in England and her work to rescue enslaved teens from pimps in the United States.  The girls were often convicted of prostitution but their pimps who controlled them rarely got jail time.  This is because girls with several convictions for prostitution did not make good witnesses and they often would not testify against their pimps.  Routinely, the girls on the street are targeted by law enforcement.  The enlightened say we should go after the pimps.  The truly enlightened say look what Holland has done, enslavement of their country’s teens or girls imported from poor parts of the world does not happen.  This is because a black market for sex cannot thrive in a country where sexual urges can be legally met in the areas of town where those activities are legally permitted.  Does the same thing go for drugs?  Legalize it?  See “Drug Wars: The Final Battle,” where Dr. Miller (also author of “Street Girls”) advocates sobering up the user rather than chasing the dealers.   

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