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GENRE: Dark Comedy. "Fatal Attraction" meets "You Got Mail" with some "Analyze This" thrown in.

LOG LINE: Conservative Heather meets Mr. Right but Andy rejects her. Desperate for contact, she meets him again taking on the identity of sexy Lorraine. As Heather, she and Andy reconcile, while she also continues to see him as Lorraine, having a torrid affair with Andy as two different people. .



Synopsis of A Screenplay by Dr. Don E. Miller

The genre: Dark Comedy. "Fatal Attraction" meets "You Got Mail" with some "Analyze This" thrown in.

In the opening scene, Heather, posing as sexy southern belle Lorraine, is being arrested. Andy is being wheeled out on a gurney after being shot.

"FOUR MONTHS EARLIER" appears on the screen. Heather is having a therapy session with Dr. Stone. She is almost 30, her marriage just splintered, and she is in therapy to try to recover. Her shrink, Dr. Stone recommends that it is time for her to move on, find another man and start the family she's always wanted. She hates the bar scene, so, reluctantly; she starts visiting Internet chat rooms. There, she meets a bunch of jerks trying to engage her in cyber sex. But she finally meets Mr. Right, Andy. They agree to meet for a walk on the beach. On their first encounter, Mary Ann, an ex-girlfriend of Andy, stalks Heather and Andy. Mary Ann accuses Andy of being a male whore. Heather looks on, shocked. Mary Ann accuses Heather of being another of Andy's "Internet whores." Heather and Andy have a second date, one that lasts 24 hours and includes passionate sex, a trip to Rosarito, Mexico, a few miles from San Diego. There, they ride horses and have a romantic dinner at Los Pelicanos.

Unfortunately, on the way home, Heather begins obsessing about things Andy's ex-girlfriend said on the beach. She quizzes Andy on various topics, for example, has he engaged in orgies and cyber-sex. Andy is angered because her behavior reminds him of the jealous stalking of Mary Ann, who they had just seen at the beach. Andy promises to call, but doesn't. Heather is broken hearted. She had fallen madly in love after her first date with Andy. She even finds herself going down to the beach to see if Andy shows up with a new girl, which he does. But Andy's ex-girlfriend is there and confronts Heather, telling her to join the ranks of Andy's rejects, then she runs off to harass Andy, who runs off leaving the new girl on the beach.

Heather can't stand not having any contact with Andy. She re-enters the chat rooms and takes on a new identity to talk to Andy. She plays the role of a southern belle. This new, carefree spirit (Heather has taken on the identity of a personality opposite her own) fascinates Andy. Andy keeps pressuring Heather's alter ego, Lorraine, to meet. Lorraine wants to just stay E-mail buddies. Heather is happy even having a relationship with Andy by E-mail, even using another identity. But finally she gives in and dresses up as a southern belle, Lorraine, and sends Andy her picture (as Lorraine) via E-mail. Andy is practically foaming at the mouth at this sexpot and is dying to meet Lorraine. Heather, as Lorraine, agrees to do so, and within an hour of meeting Andy as Lorraine, Heather and Andy are in bed together. Heather's alter ego Lorraine is somewhat aloof. She is not a "dependent wimp" like Heather. She can take men or leave them. Before Andy, Heather had sex with one man, her husband. But, her alter ego Lorraine has slept with many men. Also, Lorraine tells Andy of a tragic history of having had a baby out of wedlock, which was taken from her by the baby's father down south.

But, Andy has finally started writing Heather brief E-mails. These are in response to Heather's E-mails begging forgiveness for being so paranoid on their first real date. She reports that in her work with Dr. Stone, she has made great progress on her "abandonment" issues, and is cured of jealousy and paranoia. Andy finally relents and they get together again, but just "as friends." But by the end of that date, Heather has managed to get Andy back in bed with her. After a long, hot, steamy sex session with Andy, as Heather, Andy asks permission to use Heather's computer to send an E-mail to a prospective client. When he leaves, Heather discovers, opening up her Lorraine E-mail, that Andy really has made a date with Lorraine, to begin in just an hour after he left Heather's bed. Fuming at the "two-timing" Andy, Heather makes herself up as Lorraine, goes to Andy's home in a rage, mumbling all the way about Andy's womanizing ways. As Andy opens the door, Heather-Lorraine falls into his arms and, in spite of having had sex all day with him as Heather, Andy and Lorraine go at it again for another long, steamy session.

In desperation, Andy's old girlfriend tells Andy he better come back to her or he's going to jail. Mary Ann had saved and frozen some of Andy's sperm and when he won't go back with her, she has Andy arrested for rape. Heather, as Lorraine, became bold and furious, concocting a counter scheme. She obtains bull semen and switches it with the Andy sperm in Mary Ann's freezer. Mary Ann shows up battered at the hospital. But when it is discovered that she was 'raped by a bull,' Andy is freed. The police officer calling in the news from the hospital asks whether he should go out to the pasture and round up all the usual suspects. Mary Ann is even more furious and this time Heather/Lorraine arranges to have Mary Ann raped for real. She has lost her credibility when she shows up at the hospital, this time claiming a motorcycle gang had raped her. The doctor suggests a psychiatric consult that results in Mary Ann being locked up in the psycho ward because of her bizarre claims.

In the meantime, Dr. Stone has become confused. He asks Heather to dress up like Lorraine for him, and when she does, Dr. Stone loses it. From then on, he thinks Heather and Lorraine are two different people, in spite of Heather telling him otherwise several times. Dr. Stone becomes obsessed with Heather/Lorraine, and begins stalking Andy and Heather, then Andy and Lorraine, on their dates. He takes videos and still shots of them. He comes to believe that Andy is taking advantage of two of his patients. Heather has dropped out of therapy, feeling not only cured, but also because Dr. Stone has been acting so weird. Dr. Stone talks Heather into one final "closure session." But, he begs Lorraine and Heather to move in with him. Heather tries to tell him again there is no Lorraine, but Dr. Stone can't seem to comprehend that. Heather tries to rush out of Dr. Stone's home/office, taking a wrong turn, and ends up in a room where to TVs play videos of Heather and Andy, Lorraine and Andy, while the wall is plastered with pictures of Lorraine, Heather and Andy.

Heather has finally decided to terminate the charade. On a date with Andy in her Heather identity, she tells Andy, "I bought a cute new outfit I want to show you." She goes into her bathroom, as Heather, while Andy waits. She begins making up as Lorraine, planning to reveal that she, Heather, is really both Heather and Lorraine - the two women with whom Andy has alternately made mad, passionate love on a non-stop basis for days and days. Heather (alternating voices) dialogues with her alter ego Lorraine. Lorraine speaks in a heavy southern accent. Lorraine asks Heather if she plans to tell Andy that they are both pregnant, and that they probably both got pregnant on the same day. As she is making up, and enraged and now psychotic Dr. Stone shows up and shoots Andy. Heather, made up as Lorraine, comes out of the bedroom ready to show Andy her Lorraine outfit. Andy is bleeding. Heather picks up the gun Dr. Stone left. Andy confesses, just before his eyes close, that he knew all along that Heather and Lorraine were one and the same person. He admits that he loved the whole adventure and the wild sex with Heather's two identities. Andy shows Heather/Lorraine a ring, as he was going to propose to them/her that day. Because of the opening scene (Heather, dressed as Lorraine being arrested) we thought all along Heather had shot Andy. At this point (replay of the first scene), police come to arrest Heather/Lorraine, and an unconscious Andy is wheeled out on a gurney.

FIVE MONTHS LATER appears on the screen. A very pregnant Heather emerges from the courthouse with a group of people. A reporter stops the emerging group and interview the attorney, who is proud that his client is going to be committed to a mental hospital for treatment due to being incompetent to stand trial at this time. We get the impression he is talking about Heather. Dr. Stone, in the group, is very expansive about how brilliant he was in the courtroom and about his expertise on Multiple Personality Disorders. Then we see Dr. Stone is in handcuffs. Heather almost falls, she doesn't notice she has dropped her cell phone. A hand reaches out to steady her, we see it is Andy, wearing a sling. Since he didn't die, he was obviously able to tell who shot him. Heather and Andy have gotten married. They stand and watch as the still expansive Dr. Stone is taken off to the mental hospital. Andy asks Heather if she will dress up like sexy Lorraine for him one more time, as he wants to see what Lorraine looks like pregnant. As they walk off, Mary Ann, recently released from the mental hospital, appears, picks up Heather's cell phone, and using Heather's voice, makes a call to someone. The movie ends, but we know Heather and Andy are not finished with Mary Ann just yet.

Heather makes many amazing changes during the course  of the movie.  Her "Arc" is a dramatic movement from a timid, insecure kindegarten teacher to an aggressive and seductive female who will fight for her man with no holds barred. 

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